Aqua Exclusive Drum Filter

Aqua Exclusive Drum Filter


C-30 Drum filter professional – The best filter on the market!

We often receive the question ‘Why a drum filter and how do they actually work?

The C-30 drum filter is a fully automatic pre-filter system. The water flows into the drum filter through the inlet chamber on the inlet side (front side) of the drumfilter. Then it flows into the drum-shaped sieve. The C-30 drumfilters are standard fitted with a 70 micron stainless steel screen. Dirt that are 0.06mm in size or larger can’t go through the stainless steel screen. Screens are possible up to 20 micron!

Dirt particles deposit on the inner side of the drum sieve because they can’t pass through the drum screen from the dirty water side to the filtered/clean water side. This will cause a change in water level.

The water control level switch located on the clean water side of the filter will detect the change of water level and send a signal to the water level controller to activate the cleaning process. The control unit decides when the spray nozzles clean the micron screen depending on how dirty the screen is. The nozzles will spray the dirt of the micron screen and the dirt is then rinsed into the drain. The filtered water flows through the drum screen to flow back to your pond, biological filtration or moving bed.

UV-C System

The C-30 Professional looks a lot like the C-30 Standard. But there is one big difference! The C-30 professional is equipped with the newest UV-C technology. A 40watt UV-C system (made in the USA) is build inside the filter. The sophisticated design and high quality materials produce a high UV-C radiation. The wavelength of the UV-C system is exactly 253.7nm, the high level of radiation kills almost all bacteria, viruses and even fungi! This ensures clean and clear water!

Both drum filter systems has two inlets (110mm/4″) and two outlets (110mm/4″), combined with the high-flow panel, this can ensure a water flow of more than 8.000 Gallons (30.000 Liters) per hour! By means of flexible couplings it is possible to use only 1 input and 1 output, or 1 input and 2 outputs and so on. In addition, you can also go from 110mm/4 ” to a smaller diameter pipe. We can supply all connectors/fittings for you! The C-30 Standard as the C-30 Professional will be delivered with a high pressure pump (required for the spray nozzles). Both drum filter systems can be used in combination with our Moving Bed (Bio Filter)! The combination of the C-30 Standard or Professional and the Moving Bed (Bio Filter) results in a modern, top-class complete filtering system!

The C-30 professional drumfilter is not just a filter, but years of experience combined with high quality materials!

– Easy installation
– Compact 2020 design!
– Completely automatic control
– Comes complete with high pressure pump

– Combine the C-30 with our moving bed filter
– Equipped with the newest UV-C Technology!

– Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
– No pressure loss, in contrast to the sandfilters
– Made for (Koi) ponds, (large) aquariums and fish farms (Aquaculture)
– We provide a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects
– Extra safety switch, when the water-level is too low it switches in safety-mode
– Equipped with high-flow panel, this can ensure a water flow of more than 8.000 Gallons (30.000 Liters) per hour!

Specifications– Standard with USA plug (110V) – EU plug with 230v is also possible, mail us!
– Gravity and pump fed possible
– Input: 2 x (110mm / 4″)
– Output: 2 x (110mm / 4″)
– Materials used: PP, stainless steel / 316 seal FPM, high pressure PVC, silicone seal
– Max Flow: 8.000 Gallons (30.000 Liters) per hour!
– Drum diameter: 38 x 40 cm.
– Direct drive motor: 27 Nm
– Slip coupling on the drum
– High Flow screen panels 70 micron stainless steel 316
– Flat jet nozzles
– Including our special level-controlled control system (IP54), with four outlets for Pond pump, Flushing Pump, uv light and drum motor.
– Turn / flush manual operation
– Min. level detection / notification
– incl. Min. surveillance
– Cover + front cover of dirty water side.
– High pressure rinsing pump.
– Our very effective 40 watt UV-C system, incl. long-life technology (12.000 Hours).
– All components assembled in modules and therefore quickly interchangeable.
– Dimensions: (L x W x H) 93 x 48 x 52.5 cm
– Manual, CE inspectionShipping

– We send filters always on a pallet.
– We build a wooden crate around the filter, so it is well protected during transport!
– You will immediately receive the tracking number as soon as we have sent your order.
– Make sure you are at home at the time of delivery

2 Year warranty against manufacturing defects.

C-30 Professional Drum filter
$ 2595.00

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