Tsurumi Pumps

Tsurumi Pumps

Tsurumi Pumps are world renown for dependability, performance and value. Their semi-vortex design enables them to efficiently and effectively handle solids.

Silicon carbide mechanical seals outwear all other materials by a wide margin. Built-in thermal protection prevents motor failure from over-amperage overheating and running dry. One of our most dependable, longest lasting pumps! Designed for 60,000 hours of continuous operation - that's almost seven years without ever shutting off!

High efficiency, air filled motors - operates at lower temperature which extends motor life.

Double mechanical seals - protects against water leakage which shorts out motor.

Constructed of stainless steel and space-resins for superior strength.

Less Clogging comes from a vortex designed impeller

Fits in most skimmer boxes

Built in Thermal Protection

2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty