Tangential Pond Returns

Tangential Pond Returns

These TPR pond returns are perfect for liner installs as they have a wide flange for better liner grip compared to other brands.


- TPR can be set at an angle for better pond circulation.

- Full smooth flow (no inner threading that could damage Koi)

- Wide flange for better liner grip

- Made of strong one-piece ABS

- SS screws included

- TPR includes transition coupler from ABS to PVC


Tangential Pond Return - 1.5-inch
$ 22.95
Tangential Pond Return - 2-inch
$ 23.95

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Tank Connectors

Tank Connectors

* Wide flange for better liner grip * Easy and fast installation * Leak free connections - no more messy bulkhead! * Strong injection molded ABS * SS screws included * Available in 1 1/2" and 2"