Original Elbagin

Original Elbagin

Regular observation of your fish will allow problems to be detected early. Be familiar with your fish's normal shape, size and color as well as swimming habits.

Elbagin is an excellent mild fungicide and bactericide. Further more Elbagin is an Ideal treatment to help prevent cross infection, for transporting fish and can be used with salt.

Other benefits of Elbagin include great de-stressor, non-aggressive and can also be used as a gill wash. Remember to switch off UV.

Elbagin is a 10% preparation of sodium nifurstyrenate (C13 H8 O5 Nna ) Visually A yellow granular compound which when applied to water turns a bright yellow. Elbagin is used extensively throughout Japan to help with the safe transportation of Koi in plastic bags or transportation tanks.

Elbagin is also very useful for abrasions and small wounds by sterilising slowly, thus enabling tissue repair to take place naturally without using adverse treatments or placing Koi under anaesthetic, which will also cause undue stress. Elbagin also acts as mild sedative, relaxing fish when being transported.


Mix 10 grams of Elbagin per ton of water if using in a treatment tank for bacterial or antiseptic treatments. It is highly recommended to use Elbagin with salt at the rate of 0.5% (5 kilos per ton of water ).

The higher the pond temperature ie 70 to 75 degrees the more effective Elgabin becomes.

ELBAGIN AND SALT the Elbagin calms the fish down and helps them get over the stress of the journey while the salt helps clear congestion from the gills etc

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