Lake Aeration Air Pumps

Matala Rocking Piston Aeration Kits come with a compressor (complete with air filters, pressure gauge, air manifold and optional cabinet), weighted airline and diffusers -- everything you need for large pond or lake aeration.


Balanced for smooth, low-vibration operation

Cylinder is hard-coated for wear resistance

Safety-protected oil-free cylinder

Permanently lubricated bearings

Head design allows for easy replacement of piston seal

Manifold with Pressure Gauge

The heavy-duty air manifolds include an oil-filled pressure gauge to reduce indicator vibration, giving a more accurate reading. Attached to the air manifold is a pressure relief valve that opens at approximately 17psi, to prevent damage to the compressor. The gang valves on the manifold are high-quality brass with 3/8" barb connectors. A short section of heat-resistant hose is included to reduce heat to the air hose connection.


Optional Cabinet

The locking cabinet is landscape green and is designed for outdoor extreme weather conditions. The cabinet stands on a solid support base to maintain a level installation. A cooling fan is added for cross-flow ventilation, and the cabinet includes a built-in GFI outlet. A heat protection hose leads externally to vent heat.


Matala Hakko Base Air Diffusers

These membrane air diffuser assemblies that feature heavy-duty plastic bases with soft edges. These bases are hollow so that they can be filled with sand or gravel, eliminating the need for bricks and straps to get the diffuser to sink. These heavy-duty diffusers produce medium bubbles



Install above pond water level and flood zone, within 50' of the shore. Only use in water less than 50' in depth. Use the included way manifold and hoses. You can pair the system with up to 300' of 3/8" airline, 600' of 5/8" airline or 1000' of 1" airline. Using greater lengths will reduce effectiveness.


System Specifications

SKU        Compressor

Cabinet Weighted

Air Hose               Diffuser(s)          Suggested

Pond Size

MEA LAKE PRO 1               MPC-60C             No          100'        (1) MDB11           1/8-1/2 Acres

(5-30' Deep)

MEA LAKE PRO 1C            Yes

MEA LAKE PRO 2               No          200'        (2) MDB11           1/4-1 Acres

(5-30' Deep)

MEA LAKE PRO 2C            Yes

MEA LAKE PRO 3               MPC-120C           No          300'        (3) MDB11           1/2-2 Acres

(8-40' Deep)

MEA LAKE PRO 3C            Yes

MEA LAKE PRO 4               MPC-200C-4       No          400'        (4) MDB11           1-4 Acres

(8-40' Deep)

MEA LAKE PRO 4C            Yes


Compressor Specifications


Description         Max

Flowrate              Included

Manifold              Watts    Amps    Max


MPC-60C             1/4hp Compressor           110 Lpm               2-Way   226         2.27        17.3psi

MPC-120C           1/2hp Compressor           150 Lpm               3-Way   433         3.81        17.3psi

MPC-200C-4       3/4hp Compressor           210 Lpm               4-Way   597         5.40        17.3psi