DeBride ProHealth

DeBride ProHealth

Debride ProHealth calms fishs, reduces losses, eases stress, minimizes infection and aids healing, thereby helping to protect fishs during illness, handling and transportation. Debride ProHealth also helps detoxify the free ions of heavy metals present in the pond such as zinc, iron or copper which can be lethal to fishs and invertebrates.

Debride ProHealth forms a multi-layered protective slime coating on fish's skin, protecting them during handling and minimizing infection. The coating works as a healing aid for fishs with bruises, missing scales, or frayed fins. The multi-layered protective slime coating is formed by special polymer colloids and is compatible with the use of salt.

Debride ProHealth combines concentrated skin slime replacers with the addition of vitamin B12 which aids in the more normal healing process of injured fishes.


Debride ProHealth DOES NOT interfere with the fish's gills or breathing, or with the measurements of water quality test kits.

This product is an excellent product to use anytime fish are sick for any reason. Aslo works very well in conjunction with ULTIMATE water conditioner.

Available in quarts (treats 1,920 gallons) & 1 gallon (treats 7,680 gallons)

Debride ProHealth - 1 Quart
$ 14.99
Debride ProHealth - 1 Gallon
$ 45.99

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