Aquascape IonGen

Aquascape IonGen

Algae is the greatest challenge for any water gardener. It can quickly transform your peaceful backyard oasis into a stress-inducing eyesore.

There are many ways to address this issue. Reducing sunlight exposure, using reductive chemicals and other pond supplies and installing UV sterilizers all help to control pond algae. But no algae fix is as easy and effective as the Aquascape IonGen.

What is the IonGen?

The Aquascape IonGen is an electronic water clarifier. It works by combining a selection of metal ions (primarily copper) and releasing them into your pond. At the proper concentration, these metals rid your pond of all kinds of algae. Hair algae, slime algae, and green, cloudy pond water are all eliminated by the IonGen Water Clarifier.

What About My Fish or Plants?

Pond fish? External parasites such as flukes and Ich are inhibited by the presence of copper ions in the water.

Water plants? No worries. The IonGen clears algae without affecting fish or water plants. It is also harmless to pets or birds that may consume pond water.

How Do I Install?

The IonGen is remarkably easy to install, requiring only a power source. Plumb it in-line, or simply place the probe anywhere in the pond that has significant water flow. The replaceable IonGen probe, which is the source of the metal ions, can treat up to a 25,000 gallon pond, and has a life of 1-3 years.

Looking for a safe, simple, effective, and chemical-free way to rid your pond of algae? Look no further than the Aquascape IonGen Water Clarifier. It may be the best investment you ever make on your pond.

IonGen™ electronic clarifier drastically reduces maintenance
caused by algae for all water features without the use of chemicals.
Compatible with fish and plants, and treats containerized water
features up to 25,000 gallons.
A microprocessor inside the IonGen releases very low levels of
copper ions from a carefully designed and calibrated probe, with
the ion output controlled by the unit. Extremely energy efficient,
with electrical usage costing less than $1 a month.
Aquascape IonGen System - 2nd Generation

Replacement IonGen Probe - G2 Only - Fits 2nd Generation models
$ 101.95
Aquascape IonGen System - 2nd Generation
$ 303.98