Aquascape™ Pond Filter Urn

Aquascape™ Pond Filter Urn

Add a touch of rustic charm AND improve water quality of your pond or water garden. Aquascape Inc Pond Filter Urn is a decorative ceramic filter that incorporates easily into any setting. Functional and aesthetically-pleasing filter provides two-stage mechanical and biological filtration to help keep pond water clean and clear. Use as your main filter for smaller ponds up to 500 gallons, including preformed ponds or container water gardens. Also makes an attractive add-on filter for any size existing pond.

Aquascape Inc Pond Filter Urn quickly brings the sight and sound of trickling water to ponds with minimal effort or construction. Setting up the filter is as easy as lifting off the top, placing included media inside, setting the top back on, plumbing, and plugging in the pump once it's set in your favorite spot. Removable lid allows easy access for maintenance.

Aquascape Inc Pond Filter Urn comes complete with mechanical and biological filter media. 1/2" inlet accommodates most small filter pumps up to 400 gph sold separately. Includes tapered adaptor that will accept up to 3/4" ID tubing.

Replacement Media Kit includes blue mechanical Filter Pad that filters out large debris and ceramic biological filter rings that provide bacteria with a large surface area for colonization.

Aquascape Pond Filter Urn Replacement Filter Kit
$ 31.98
Aquascape Pond Filter Urn Replacement Filter Kit Lg
$ 69.98
Aquascape Pond Filter Urn Small max flow 400gph
$ 127.98
Aquascape Pond Filter Urn Large max flow 1100 GPH
$ 239.98