Algae Witch Alge Remover

String Algae Removal Tool

Developed in Germany by a mechanical engineer, die Algenhexe (“The Algae Witch™”) is a simple and elegant tool designed to pull string algae from your lake or pond.
The heart of the device is the patent-pending round comb. When the brush – loaded with string algae – is pulled back through the comb, the algae clot is neatly and cleanly stripped from the brush bristles into a waiting bucket.
The device is rigidly constructed of Aluminum and stainless steel and will never rust. The brush has tough Nylon bristles and will last for many years. (Replacement brushes are also available for a small charge.) From brush tip to handle-end, the unit is 72 inches (six feet) in length.

Algae Witch
$ 50.00